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Simple & Elegant Wi-Fi Roaming Range Extenders
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Smarter Wi-Fi
with Seamless Roaming

Traditional Wi-Fi is setup with a router and extender, and a separate network (SSID) for each. But as you move around your home – especially upstairs or downstairs – your Wi-Fi device will usually still remain connected to the weaker Wi-Fi signal with lower performance. A Wi-Fi roaming network though, features single network (SSID) setup, automatically detects and switches your device to the best available Wi-Fi signal for a more natural, seamless experience and exceptional Wi-Fi wherever you roam.

Stronger Signal
Perfect for Connected Home
Edimax’s RE11S roaming extenders are constantly analyzing Wi-Fi signals to detect the best source for your device. This ensures stronger, more reliable and better Wi-Fi connections for today’s connected homes.
Faster Speed
Ideal for Video Streaming
Get supercharged 802.11ac Wi-Fi in an instant. You don’t even need to replace your 11n router, simply plug-and-play your RE11 extender kit for hyper-fast Wi-Fi and better streaming.
Simple, Powerful Range Extender Perfect for Home Wi-Fi
Extend Your Coverage
Edimax RE11 Wi-Fi roaming extenders can be plugged into any outlet. The high-performance external antenna design is adjustable and flexible, so you can target your coverage to eliminate dead-zones and get the most from your roaming technology.
3-in-1 Mode, Build Your Home Wi-Fi with Ease
Designed for easy home Wi-Fi, Edimax RE11’s are 3-in-1 devices that can function as Wi-Fi Extenders, Access Points or Bridges depending on what you might need in the future. And it works with any router – easy!
Plug & Play Setup
When use Gemini AC 1200 series, there is no configuration or any setting needed, what you need is only plug then push the WPS bottom, that’s all, delight you and your family with fast, reliable WiFi experience, it’s only within 1 minutes.
  • Plug in and connect to the first RE11S Wi-Fi
  • Type the web access URL in your browser*

    *IQ setup will guide you through setup
  • Plug 2nd RE11S and press WPS bottons of 1st unit and 2nd unit to setup connection
Gemini RE11 Wi-Fi Roaming Upgrade Kit
Edimax Gemini Wi-Fi range extenders are designed with the world’s smartest roaming technology so you can enjoy your digital life with faster, more reliable home Wi-Fi.
  • Paired together for smart roaming
  • 802.11ac dual band supercharged speed
  • 3-in-1 mode to build your home Wi-Fi with ease
  • External antenna for better flexibility
  • Works with any other routers
Product Specification